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SHERLOCK® VOC A fugitive gas imaging and quantification instrument that can be used to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks that cannot be seen by the human eye. The Sherlock® VOC can be used for regulatory compliance, as well as safety and risk mitigation for the oil, gas, chemical, industrial and power industries.

Sherlock® has been approved by the EPA to be used for the LDAR alternate to Method 21 mandated regulatory fugitive leaks detection and repair program. Using instruments like the Sherlock® for optical imaging allows industry to not only identify leaking components that are part of the current LDAR inventory but also leaks from other components and hard to reach areas in a plant as well.

Other advantages of the Sherlock® VOC are its ability to measure the concentration of the leak in ppm-v and its ability to store video clips to the embedded digital video recorder. Each video clip is stored with a file name identifying it and thus saves the user a significant amount of time in post processing video that is stored in a stream of data to a conventional digital video recorder as used by other vendors.

Sherlock® VOC Fixed Post
The Sherlock® VOC can also be used in fixed post applications where monitoring for leaks can be done 24 hours a day. GITs engineering experts work with customers to design fixed post gas monitoring systems tailored to their needs.

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