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Sherlock® VOC is designed specifically for hydrocarbon fugitive gas leak detection for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and safety. Ideal product for airborne monitoring of fugitive gas leaks in oil and gas pipelines.

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Sherlock® SF6 - Early detection of Sulfur hexafluoride leaks with the use of the Sherlock® SF6 can prevent damage to our environment and economic loss to a facility. Sulfur hexafluoride is an invisible, odorless gas and an invaluable asset to the Semiconductor and Power Industries. It is also a very potent greenhouse gas.

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Sherlock® Scientific - The Sherlock® Scientific is an infrared imaging spectrometer for research professionals. Applications range over numerous fields from pure research to process control. Analysis is supported with GIT's HyPAT Windows based software tools.

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Sherlock® FE Is being developed for stack and flare analysis. It will be used to identify gases being emitted into the atmosphere. The Sherlock® FE is for applications where detailed analysis of hot gases is of interest such as stack emissions monitoring and flare efficiency analysis.

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HyPAT - Gas Imaging Technology's proprietary, Windows based, image processing and analysis software developed for hyperspectral image analysis.

U.S. Patent numbers 5,479,258; 6,680,778

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