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Gas Imaging Technology Announces Demo of Sherlock® SF6

Santa Barbara, CA -– September 8, 2008 -- Gas Imaging Technology, LLC, (GIT), a privately held manufacturer of unique gas imaging and analysis systems that address critical needs for the oil, gas, utility and chemical industries, is having a demonstration of their newest product, the Sherlock ® SF6. The demonstration will be held on September 18, 2008 at their facility in Buellton and is open to all interested parties. This will be a great opportunity for participants to see GIT’s newest gas imaging system at work, with a Q&A session to further acquaint them with the many features and benefits of this unique imaging system.

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is a greenhouse gas with an atmospheric lifespan of more than 1000 years. Today's emissions of greenhouse gases such as SF6 will still be affecting earth's climate in the next millennium. Increases in the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted are almost entirely a result of man's activity. SF6 is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases yet discovered. Though the recorded concentration of emitted SF6 is relatively small compared to more commonly recognized gases like carbon dioxide, the huge lifespan makes it an important consideration in global greenhouse gas budgets.

"The energy industry as we know it is in the process of profound change in order to reduce the production of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. The future will bring much tighter control of gas leaks and emissions as well as a much greater emphasis on safety. GIT is uniquely positioned to help detect and monitor unwanted gas leaks and emissions."- Martin Van Enoo

For more detailed information about the upcoming demonstration or to register to attend, please contact Bonnie Comita

About Gas Imaging Technology, Inc.
Gas Imaging Technology, LLC (GIT) (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Advanced Technology (, is a California corporation located in Santa Barbara County. GIT has an exclusive worldwide license for products that uniquely address issues of greenhouse gas, compliance with new EPA standards and other critical needs of refineries, power and chemical plants, oil and LNG tankers and terminals. More than $14 million has been invested in the development of the technology underlying the Sherlock gas imaging and analysis systems. A substantial portion of this funding came from various military, federal and commercial sources including the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Missile Defense Agency, DARPA, Department of Energy, State of California, Gas Research Institute, BP and Shell Global Solutions.

GIT’s Products
Sherlock SF6 - detects sulfur hexafluoride gas leaks, and can thus be an invaluable asset to those in the power industry. In addition to being a greenhouse gas, SF6 is an expensive resource. Early detection of SF6 leaks with the use of Sherlock can prevent not only damage to our environment, but also considerable economic loss to a facility.

Sherlock VOC – allows the user to "see" emissions of invisible gases that may pose grave environmental hazards and expose refineries, chemical, and power plants to the risk of catastrophic fires and explosions. The Sherlock incorporates a mid-wave infrared camera that includes PAT’s patented IMSS lens and an embedded computer that can perform the function of data logging, imaging spectroscopy, and digital video recording.

Sherlock FE - monitors and analyzes the efficiency of flares and to continuously monitor smokestack emissions. The Sherlock FE is the only system currently on the market that can analyze flare efficiency. It remotely monitors and generates a pixel-by-pixel quantitative analysis of flares and smokestacks. In many circumstances, this remote monitoring can be done from a location several miles from the source.

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