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Michele Hinnrichs Recognized as One of The top 50 Women.

Gas Imaging Technology Announces Sale to the Middle East

Recent Papers written and presented by Gas Imaging Technology

Over the years numerous papers have been presented describing our technology and applications. Some of those papers are listed here. Please click here if you would like to download any of these papers.

  • Remote Sensing and Analysis of Unburned Gases from Stacks and Flares Using Imaging Spectromeatry, International Falme Research Foundation June 2009
  • Miniature Optical Imaging Sensor for Smart LDAR Detection and Quantification Using Diffractive Optical Lenslet Arrays, AWMA Extended Abstract 1077, June 2007
  • Infrared Gas Imaging and Quantification Camera for LDAR Applications, AWMA Abstract, 06-A-210-AWMA, June 2006
  • Infrared Gas Imaging and Quantification Camera for LDAR Applications, Paper Slides, June 2006
  • Handheld Hyperspectral Imager for Environmental Applications, SPIE Photonics East Environmental Sensing, October 2003
  • Dual Band Hyperspectral Imager, AIPR, October 2003

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