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The mission of Gas Imaging Technology (GIT) is to provide global customers with gas imaging products and services to detect, identify, quantify and reduce unwanted gas emissions that are a risk to safety and the global environment. In finding, fixing and reducing unwanted gas emission we are supporting the global effort to a cleaner, greener world and helping our industrial partners save dollars lost in leaking product.

GIT manufactures infrared gas imaging products (Sherlock®) that are available worldwide for market applications in the oil, gas, chemical, manufacturing, and power industries for gas imaging, analysis, and quantification applications.

GIT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Advanced Technology (PAT) located in Santa Barbara County, California. PAT was founded in 1988 for the purpose of developing state-of-the-art infrared imaging technology for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). GIT is working towards our goal of a safer, cleaner, greener planet by serving customers around the world in their effort to protect lives and property, reduce pollution and keep the air we breathe clean, healthy and viable for all humanity.

Greenhouse gases that cause global warming are a potential problem for everyone. GIT makes products that can detect and quantify these gases. By providing products to our customers for the detection and quantification of greenhouse gases, GIT is playing a small role in the effort to solve this problem.

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